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Why You Should Fix That Chip in Your Windshield

You’re driving down the highway on your way to work, sipping your coffee and trying to wake up enough to prepare for your day, when suddenly the rather jarring sound of something slamming against your windshield ends up jolting you wide awake. Upon looking you notice that a piece of rock or gravel that has fallen off of the back of a construction truck in front of you has gone barreling into your window at top speed, leaving behind a little crack in the windshield.

You might be tempted to just shrug and go back to sipping your coffee, thinking that the crack is small enough that it’s not anything to worry about, but that isn’t necessarily true. Taking care of any small chips in the windshield as soon as you notice them is crucial, and the sooner you take care of it the better. Otherwise, you run the very real risk of making the crack bigger just by driving around with it chipped.

A small chip can easily turn into a much larger crack, literally before your very eyes. Depending on the conditions under which the crack becomes larger, you might notice it expand in a few days’ time or it might get bigger so gradually that you hardly even notice it until it is too late. At that point, your safety becomes compromised, as a broken windshield is a hazard to both the driver and the passengers.

There are a few things that can contribute to the growth of the crack, things that can’t really be avoided no matter how carefully you drive. For instance, temperature changes as the seasons’ change can put pressure on the crack and cause it to rapidly grow and expand. Beyond that, you could just be driving and hit some bumps in the road that could be enough to start shaking that crack and causing deeper, longer fractures to stem from it.

Once you hit the point of having a large crack in your windshield, getting the entire glass replaced will cost you a lot more than if you would have just gotten the small chip repaired or replaced the windshield sooner. Because of the size and the nature of your windshield, having an entire windshield replaced, as expected, is going to cost you much more than just a tiny section of the windshield where the crack originated from. Getting any nicks and dents in the windshield repair as soon as possible will be in the best interest of your future safety.

Upon noticing a small chip in your windshield, you may be tempted to just ignore it, thinking that it’s barely noticeable, but over time, that chip can turn into a dramatic crack that is even more difficult and expensive to take care of. By nipping the problem in the bud and taking care of the chip as soon as you notice it, you can save yourself plenty of time and money in the repair shop and get back to your day-to-day life sooner.

Home Inspection

Types of home inspection services that you may not have heard of

Local home inspectors come through for you if you need a home inspection service before you proceed to purchase a property. They are armed with their expertise and experience and will be able to figure out any damages that might be affecting the home. All this is done to avoid some serious consequences once you have made the final payment for the home.

You might have only heard of one common home inspection type which is the general home inspection type. However, there are many other types of home inspections services that might be conducted for your property in order to single out some damages on the home that you will need to be in the light about before you decide to purchase the property.

i. Disaster home inspection type
The disaster home inspection type is ideal if the property is located in areas that are affected by natural disasters. Some of the disasters include heavy snowfalls, heavy downpour, and thunderstorms. This type of home inspection service is important as the natural disasters might affect the structure of the house in a way that you might not notice by yourself. It actually takes a professional to notice any underlying issues with the roofing or the foundation.

ii. Home inspection for the foundation
It takes a professional and experienced service to notice any issues with the foundation of any property. Some of the issues that may affect the foundation of the house include big cracks or seepage of water from any parts on the foundation. Experienced home inspection services will work to provide you with a report on the current condition of the foundation of the building. Some instances such as unexplained sloping of the foundation may need you to think twice before proceeding with the purchase of the property.

iii. Inspection of the HVAC of the property
On the exterior part, you might notice that the HVAC system of the building is in excellent condition. When you are on your own you may not realize any potential damages. A professional home inspector is best suited for the task of taking it apart and then examining its condition.

iv. Electrical inspection of the property
You might want to have the electrical connections of the building to be inspected. This should be done by a specialist so that you are guaranteed the best results. It would be necessary to get the inspection done for the safety of whoever is going to use the building. If this is not done, then you and your family will be at harm’s way as far as open electrical circuits are concerned.

Bottom line
Chattanooga home inspectors recommend a home inspection service before you purchase the home. The service may cost you some money but it will be effective to prevent you from dealing with some of the most frustrating home damages that may befall the home. Their experience will be effective to mark one of the best experiences of owning a new home.

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Why Your Windshield Must Be Repaired Today

The windshield in your automobile is vital in protecting you and providing convenience to everyone else inside the vehicle, which makes remembering its integrity vital. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned your vehicle: there is always potential damage from natural disasters or human events waiting right around the corner. Small pebbles flying off of a tractor-trailer is one prominent example of how damage can appear out of nowhere. Windshields can also be damaged through hail and other forms of inclement weather. The cause of the damage, however, is not nearly as important as the repair process.

Many people believe that they can get by for weeks or months without having the needed repairs or windshield repair in Athens GA performed on their windshield, which is bad advice. Even if you manage to get through that period without any new damage or injury occurring, that is just luck and not skill or expertise. Nobody can predict the moment at which a windshield turns into a life-saving protection mechanism; a destroyed or damaged windshield can’t function properly in that regard. Below, we’ll outline why your windshield must be repaired today if you want to be safe on the road, have extra money, and be sensible about automotive care.

Waiting Will Cost You

All too many people don’t want to waste time having a small amount of damage repaired – until they find out that the average auto glass repair job costs three hundred dollars less than an auto glass windshield replacement job. When a small piece of damage is left untreated, it is very likely to spread and will almost certainly result in needing a windshield replacement. Bumps in the road, for instance, can quickly cause a small chip or crack to suddenly spread out and become much more difficult to handle. By acting soon, you help minimize the likelihood of the damage being so great that it cannot be repaired. Don’t you want to save money on these repairs?

Insurance Covers Repairs

When your windshield has suffered some form of damage, it is likely that your existing auto insurance policy will cover the repairs in full. Unfortunately, most auto insurance policies do not cover in full any replacements needed for a windshield or window glass, so waiting makes absolutely no sense if you have insurance. Usually, these repairs can be handled in as little as a half-hour, which means you won’t be losing valuable hours of your life waiting. By having the damage repaired now, you can ensure that the insurance you already pay for covers the repairs, which will save you time and money in the future.

Your Safety Is Important

If you are familiar with the structural processes of a vehicle, then you already know that half of your car’s rollover strength is provided from the windshield being properly installed and functioning. Most people do not actually know this, but the roof of an automobile is supported mainly through a properly-fitted windshield. Sometimes we underestimate the severity of things and fail to grasp how dangerous a small crack can be for our safety in the car in the worst of circumstances. In the event of a roll-over, an improperly functioning windshield can crack and the roof can crumble in an instant. This reason by itself should be enough to convince you to act, but just in case it isn’t, we have a couple more benefits to acting on a repair today.

Other Types of Damage

If the crack has already been working its way deeper and deeper into your windshield, then you may already be witnessing various forms of weather inside the car. Any forms of precipitation like rain, ice, hail, and snow can work their way through the cracks and into your car. When you are not there, your car may be slowly experiencing mildew and rust from leaky windshields. Depending on the seasons, the weather and temperatures can fluctuate, which can cause the glass to weaken more rapidly and allow even more precipitation inside. Without a covered space under which to park, your car is vulnerable to these conditions on a consistent basis while damaged.

Environmental Concerns

Did you know that glass can be recycled when it’s removed from your automobile? While a solid piece of auto glass that can be repaired will help keep waste out of landfills, a replacement windshield is not as efficient. It takes energy and resources to build a new windshield out of raw materials, so a repair can eliminate this and save on waste in the form of broken glass that ultimately cannot be salvaged in a replacement job. It really is a no-brainer: having a windshield repair job done early can save you money, time and can also help save the environment.


For those who want to avoid paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket, who want to help the environment, who want total safety in their automobiles, and who generally have common sense, it is obvious that your windshield should be repaired at the first sight of damage. Your bottom life, your safety, and the long-term performance of your vehicle are all at risk, so acting today makes sense from any and all perspectives. Anyone who takes a different approach to this matter will most likely lose money, time, or maybe even their lives.

Real Estate

8 Things To Know About Your Home Owners Association

Some portion of the delight of claiming your own home is the general absence of rules. Nobody can say “no” to that delightful pet Norville. Not a spirit will dissent on the off chance that you paint your room purple. Furthermore, you need to set up an overwhelming place of worship to Prince in your terrace? Put it all on the line!

Until the HOA discovers, obviously.

Ok, the feared homeowners affiliation, the very notice of which brings out dread in forthcoming homeowners. In any case, a few out of every odd affiliation is a bad dream. This is what your HOA wishes you knew—and how to see whether they’re out to get you.

1. Try not to become tied up with the negative generalizations

We comprehend if the words “frivolous” and “dreadful” strike a chord when you consider HOAs, however, “Don’t think all that you’ve heard,” says Annette Anderson, real estate agent in Chattanooga who’s served on the leading body of her HOA in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for a long time. “Go into it with a receptive outlook.”

Truly, there are hostile, genuine annoyance HOAs. A lot of them. Yet at the same time, the lion’s share is loaded up with individuals who couldn’t care less a lick about the length of your grass and simply need to ensure everybody lives respectively amicably—and shields their speculations.

“I’ve had individuals state to me, ‘Hmm, I wish we had an HOA in those days,’ since they lived close to a home where somebody doesn’t deal with it or began a remodel venture and didn’t complete it, and they had no plan of action,” Anderson says. “With an HOA, you do have some implementation.”

2. Make sense of the HOA’s style before you move in

Nobody’s denying there are rotten ones. So you’ll need to attempt to see whether your HOA is draconian before moving in. Here are a few inquiries Anderson suggests that you pose:

Would I be able to see the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)? This will tell you what sort of changes are permitted, and if there are any abnormal conditions, for example, paint shading or foliage limitations.

What would it be a good idea for us to think about the local that probably won’t be clear? On the off chance that a neighbor or board part makes reference to “disagreement and trouble,” that may show a warning.

What level of requirement would I be able to expect—and are there any fines? “I do catch wind of networks that convey compromising letters in the event that you have one piece of turf excessively long,” Anderson says. Ensure the HOA rules won’t be unreasonably prohibitive for your way of life and ensure you won’t be fined for ludicrous infringement.

What administrations do levy spread? This can assist you with deciding if you think the yearly expenses merit their expense.

How frequently does the board meet? Sheets with customary gatherings will be more receptive to your issues and worries than ones that meet yearly.

3. The principles (as a rule) exist on purpose

HOAs developed to assist homeowners with keeping up their property estimations, ensuring a maverick neighbor doesn’t forestall every other person from selling for an honest evaluation. Of course, some appear to make administers since they can. However, a large portion of the guidelines you’ll go over are really founded on sound rationale.

Anderson’s HOA has a stature limitation—no two-story structures permitted. It exists on the grounds that the area has a staggering perspective on the mountains. On the off chance that everybody added a second story to their homes, soon nobody would have a view.

“The people group south of us doesn’t have an HOA, and individuals are building increasingly elevated,” she says. “On the off chance that they had an HOA paying special mind to the entire network, that wouldn’t have occurred.”

4. Make Friends

When you’ve moved in, become acquainted with your neighborhood board individuals. Guidelines and local laws can be arcane, longwinded reports. Having somebody to help decipher how they identify with your particular property (and way of life) can go far—as can having somebody to keep your side by side of the manner in which the breezes are blowing on the board.

“I surely would manufacture a relationship with somebody on the board before an issue emerges,” Anderson says. “At that point, you can examine it with them in certainty—well, how would I handle this?”

5. Go to gatherings—even before you purchase

In case you’re keen on changing the manner in which your neighborhood works—or simply dunking your toe into governmental issues—begin going to executive gatherings. You don’t need to hold up until you’ve moved in; go to a gathering when you’re despite everything looking for a home, on the off chance that they’ll permit it.

“Simply be a fly on the divider,” Anderson says. “At that point, you’ll see whether this is a gathering of individuals that yells at one another, or accomplish they take a shot at significant issues to the network.”

6. On the off chance that you disrupt the guidelines, you’ll pay for it

Anderson reviews a family that purchased a home in her neighborhood planning to include a subsequent story—just to discover just single-level homes were permitted.

“It’s lamentable, supposing that they would have asked we would have let them know ahead of time,” Anderson says. Fortunately, the family asked before they got things started. Be that as it may, breaking the CC&R could have brought about substantial fines. What’s more, on those fines, you could be hauling in a similar development team to fix the work you simply did, or hazard claims and liens.

7. Try not to skirt your levy

Try not to like your HOA’s irritating limitations? It may appear to be enticing to overlook your duty and announce yourself safe from judgment.

Shockingly, it isn’t so basic. You consented to satisfy your obligations when you bought your home, and the HOA can sue you for delinquency or put a lien on your home. In most pessimistic scenario circumstances, you may even lose your home. In case you’re financially past due, the affiliation can push ahead with dispossession—regardless of whether your home is paid off.

Collected fines work a similar way. Truly, you may be delving in your heels over a stupid guideline—like no window ACs during the most smoking summer on record—however, paying is the most ideal approach to stay away from a fight in court. Be that as it may, if the guideline is genuinely moronic, think about creating a composed solicitation for a difference, which allows your neighbors to neighbors in case you’re permitted to defy the norms this one time.

8. Know the ordinances

Full comprehension of the affiliation’s standing rules is the most ideal approach to battle off foolishness. Maybe a board part becomes power-distraught and chooses sun based boards a scourge upon the area. Or on the other hand, charges prop up and up, and you know it is extremely unlikely that it is legitimate. The local laws can be your deliverer.

Standing rules will ordinarily layout how board individuals are chosen—and how to evacuate one who has violated their limits. They may likewise address how regularly and how definitely expenses can change. In any event, they’ll disclose how to challenge rules and guidelines you find unjustifiable.

Nautical Maps

Map of Sailing Videos

Map of Sailing Videos

I’ve often been wondering why in spite of a huge offer of videos describing traveling tours, it is not equally common to find videos describing sailing tours and places of interest for boaters and sailors.

I guess this is due to the long time required to create video content for the sailing world, resulting in high costs for the producer.

It is, in fact, necessary to spend days sailing places you want to describe to build a definite idea of bays, marinas, and coastal sceneries before recording a video.

However, in the era of web 2.0, it is quite easy to create and share videos on the web. After all, is there anything better than videos recorded by someone who uses to sail every weekend in a certain area or usually spend there his or her sailing holidays?

Apparently, it would be enough to upload videos to YouTube, but that’s not all. YouTube videos are often not well geo-referenced.
If you use Google Earth with the YouTube option turned on, you will notice that most of the YouTube videos on the map are geo-referenced in the wrong way.
40 miles North East from Ibiza I’ve found “Lebron James the best”, a video on the famous basketball player!


Furthermore, it’s almost impossible with Google Earth to sort out interesting sailing videos among all of those displayed on the map. You will quickly find yourself opening dozens of videos before discovering something really interesting.

That’s why we decided to make available at the ability to geo-reference sailing videos. It will ONLY be nautical and sailing videos, not generic, so that you’ll know in advance you can find here what you are looking for.

By registering, you can geo-reference existing videos, but we also strongly invite you to create your own video, upload it to YouTube and then “add geo video” to create a geo-reference on the map. This will create the best content to share with other sailors. is, in fact, a site where information for boaters and sailors is created and shared by others with your same passion and only sailors like you can understand the needs of navigation and create the right video contents.


“add geo video” is only the first of a series of functions we will make available on this site. Others will come in the future starting in spring 2008 with bluemapia Beta.

The list is long and includes:

  • User-generated markers with pictures, videos, and text to describe, classify and tag anchorages, bays, marinas, beaches and what is interesting for boaters and sailors;
  • Tracks to share the current position or load tracks stored with a GPS;
  • Sailing journal: the blog that will allow periodic geo-referenced posts;
  • WikiPOI: Points of Interest as wiki pages;
  • Weather and forecast: coastal weather stations data available on the map;
  • Geo-messaging to communicate with other sailors in your area and interact with your list of buddies;
  • Geo tv: user-generated live and recorded video streaming;
  • Comments and voting to enrich and rank the best content;
  • Social networking to create contacts between people in the bluemapia community;
  • Forum to get feedback from the users and provide “how-to” support.
  • bluemapia Mobile to create, share, and search information on the map with your smartphone, integrated with the GPS.

We’re planning to grow fast, but our philosophy is not going to change. We will provide services for free, so that information will freely grow up both in quantity and quality, openly available to all.

With the aim of funding this site’s development, we have chosen to add a limited number of advertising links that will never be too invading.

Therefore, the success of bluemapia depends on the number of users that will register and visit this site. Please, register now and help us to spread out the bluemapia message to your boating and sailing friends.

And now go to the map and click on a marker to see a video from that location.

Have Fun

bluemapia is online

Welcome to, the innovative online service which aims at providing boating tourists with online and mobile information and social interaction. contents are user-generated, and users can access the service for free.

Users can both upload contents and access the service via the web site or via bluemapia Mobile.

Full service will be online in the summer of 2008. Beta version will be available in spring 2008.

Stay tuned!

[email protected]