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Map of Sailing Videos

Map of Sailing Videos

I’ve often been wondering why in spite of a huge offer of videos describing traveling tours, it is not equally common to find videos describing sailing tours and places of interest for boaters and sailors.

I guess this is due to the long time required to create video content for the sailing world, resulting in high costs for the producer.

It is, in fact, necessary to spend days sailing places you want to describe to build a definite idea of bays, marinas, and coastal sceneries before recording a video.

However, in the era of web 2.0, it is quite easy to create and share videos on the web. After all, is there anything better than videos recorded by someone who uses to sail every weekend in a certain area or usually spend there his or her sailing holidays?

Apparently, it would be enough to upload videos to YouTube, but that’s not all. YouTube videos are often not well geo-referenced.
If you use Google Earth with the YouTube option turned on, you will notice that most of the YouTube videos on the map are geo-referenced in the wrong way.
40 miles North East from Ibiza I’ve found “Lebron James the best”, a video on the famous basketball player!


Furthermore, it’s almost impossible with Google Earth to sort out interesting sailing videos among all of those displayed on the map. You will quickly find yourself opening dozens of videos before discovering something really interesting.

That’s why we decided to make available at the ability to geo-reference sailing videos. It will ONLY be nautical and sailing videos, not generic, so that you’ll know in advance you can find here what you are looking for.

By registering, you can geo-reference existing videos, but we also strongly invite you to create your own video, upload it to YouTube and then “add geo video” to create a geo-reference on the map. This will create the best content to share with other sailors. is, in fact, a site where information for boaters and sailors is created and shared by others with your same passion and only sailors like you can understand the needs of navigation and create the right video contents.


“add geo video” is only the first of a series of functions we will make available on this site. Others will come in the future starting in spring 2008 with bluemapia Beta.

The list is long and includes:

  • User-generated markers with pictures, videos, and text to describe, classify and tag anchorages, bays, marinas, beaches and what is interesting for boaters and sailors;
  • Tracks to share the current position or load tracks stored with a GPS;
  • Sailing journal: the blog that will allow periodic geo-referenced posts;
  • WikiPOI: Points of Interest as wiki pages;
  • Weather and forecast: coastal weather stations data available on the map;
  • Geo-messaging to communicate with other sailors in your area and interact with your list of buddies;
  • Geo tv: user-generated live and recorded video streaming;
  • Comments and voting to enrich and rank the best content;
  • Social networking to create contacts between people in the bluemapia community;
  • Forum to get feedback from the users and provide “how-to” support.
  • bluemapia Mobile to create, share, and search information on the map with your smartphone, integrated with the GPS.

We’re planning to grow fast, but our philosophy is not going to change. We will provide services for free, so that information will freely grow up both in quantity and quality, openly available to all.

With the aim of funding this site’s development, we have chosen to add a limited number of advertising links that will never be too invading.

Therefore, the success of bluemapia depends on the number of users that will register and visit this site. Please, register now and help us to spread out the bluemapia message to your boating and sailing friends.

And now go to the map and click on a marker to see a video from that location.

Have Fun

bluemapia is online

Welcome to, the innovative online service which aims at providing boating tourists with online and mobile information and social interaction. contents are user-generated, and users can access the service for free.

Users can both upload contents and access the service via the web site or via bluemapia Mobile.

Full service will be online in the summer of 2008. Beta version will be available in spring 2008.

Stay tuned!

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